Brunton Heatsync Vital 2.0 Under Jacket USB Warmer

Brunton Heatsync Vital 2.0 Under Jacket USB Warmer

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Brunton Heatsync Vital 2.0

The Brunton HEATSYNC VITAL 2.0 offers the ultimate in core heating technology. Utilizing a ergonomic fit that moves with you due to the stretch-neoprene construction, the far-infrared carbon fiber heating elements are positioned perfectly to heat the vital chest and kidney locations. The 3 heat settings keep you at a comfortable level of warmth, and the convenience of the USB interface with Brunton’s low-profile ReSync 3000 or 6000 allows a full day of warmth.



Fits Chest Size:

33.5" = 44.5" (85-113 CM)


USB 4000mAh 2.1A:

High 2.1 hr 55C/131F

Medium 3.4 hr 45C/113F

Low 5.7 hr 38C/100F

USB 9000mAh 2.1A:

High 4.7 hr 55C/131F

Medium 7.7 hr 45C/113F

Low 12.8 hr 38C/100F


Powered by any BRUNTON 5V/2.1AMP USB power bank (not included); Pre-heat function.


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