REV'IT Women's Sand Jacket - Black/White

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The REV'IT Sand ladies jacket makes the perfect adventure companion for worldly women who don’t stop for directions but instead are confident in finding their own way. The jacket comes fully equipped with women’s specific CE-approved armor. The robust yet very comfortable and figure-hugging outer shell features ample reflective panels and ventilation zippers that are nicely integrated into the design. The weather may change but thanks to the jacket’s detachable thermal liner and separate waterproof membrane, this jacket doesn’t give any excuses. The adjustment straps allow for a precise fit, and as the straps are also height adjustable each rider can choose exactly how the jacket fits.

Composition: 72% Polyamide, 28% Polyester

Gender: Ladies

Riders: Adventure

Weather Rated: Hot Weather, Rain, Cold Weather

    • Ventilation
      • VCS | zippers at chest, back, waist and sleeves
        Our VCS zippers are all located in strategic positions, where they offer excellent air flow to cool the body. The air flow can be regulated by opening or closing the zipper.
    • Features
      • prepared for vest connector HV
        The Vest connector HV allows you to the upgrade your jacket with a HV vest that quickly and easily attaches. The highly visible EN471-certified vest offers enhanced safety.
      • long and double short connection zipper
        This jacket has a long connection zipper and double short connection zipper. Not only can it be paired with any pair of pants in the REV'IT! line, but its second, short connection zipper on the membrane ensures that the membrane stays in place.
      • stretch lips at elbows
      • stretch panels at arm pits
        The stretch panels in this garment aid in flexibility. They contribute to the riders comfort as they provide great freedom of movement.
      • collar hook
        The collar hook and loop allow you to draw back the front side of the collar, allowing air flow to cool the neck during warmer periods of the year without the annoying flapping of the loose collar.
      • prepared for Challenger cooling vest insert
        The jacket is prepared for the Challenger cooling vest insert. The Challenger can be zipped directly into the outer shell with the connection zippers.
    • Pockets
      • slit pockets
      • inner pockets
      • membrane storage pocket
        This pocket gives you the opportunity to store the membrane in a safe way and keeps the membrane within reach to allow you to attach it as soon as you need it.
    • Adjustability
      • flexisnap
        The REV’IT! flexisnap makes it possible to adjust the collar circumference easily and personalize its fit to each rider. A jacket is often worn in more then one season, and the flexisnap makes it possible to adjust the collar within seconds. During winter a wider collar circumference accommodates combining the jacket with a balaclava or wind collar, while during summer, a wider circumference lets an all-important cooling wind into the collar. The flexisnap is available with 5 or 7 positions (XL).
      • adjustment strap at under arms
      • Variable height adjustment straps at waist
        These adjustment straps help fine-tune the fit of the garment for different riders. Starting by choosing the custom height of the straps—which are attached to a rail-mounted moveable glider—the rider can then easily dial in their precise fit, even while wearing gloves.
      • adjustment tab at upper arms, cuffs and hips
    • Fit
      • regular

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